Innovative and interchangeable titanium cufflinks 
Founded by Edmond Ngai, BSc(BICH)


Luxury leather goods, without the luxury markup
Co-founded by Roman Khan, BBA(MGTO)


Smart helmet with integrated signaling lights
Co-founded by Jeff Chen, BEng&BBA(MEGBM)

Turns your finger into a smartphone
Co-founded by Kevin Wong, MBA; Yan Shun Li, MBA; Marcus Leung-Shea, MBA; Emile Chan, MBA

Use your electronics wherever you go
Co-founded by Luv Sheth, BEng(MECH)



Lebath Soap Dispensers
Luxury Foam for You
Founded by Fiona Yu, MSc(EVEM)

Emotionally-intelligent speaker
Co-founded by Anik Dey, MPhil(ECE), BEng(ELEC)-EP

Chinese tea - quality natural, and authentically from the origins without the retail markup 
Co-founded by Leo Wong, BBA(MARK); Raymond Sze, BBA(MGTO)



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