Freeman Ho



Darts Connect International Limited


An enthusiastic darts player, Freeman enjoys playing against opponents at dart bars around Hong Kong but was dismayed to find out that dart boards for the home did not have an online gaming function. True to the HKUST can-do spirit, Freeman and fellow GBUS alumnus Alex set out to do something about this so that darts fans around the world could play together from the comfort of their own home. 

Partnering with top notch product designers and electronics manufacturers, the pair came up with Darts Connect, the first interactive smart dart board that allows users to have a fair and competitive online darts battle with players worldwide. Promotions for Darts Connect were aimed at professional darts players, and the product successfully raised over USD $100,000 on the Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowdfunding platforms. 

One of the common misconceptions of running a crowdfunding campaign, says Freeman, is that an attractive product would automatically generate interest. However the pair found that it did not work that way: Darts Connect encountered a large hiccup when they reached three-quarters of their campaign. It was a frustrating time for the duo, but eventually they decided to bring in a PR firm to help them with online promotions. In the end it was money well-spent as the PR firm helped them create enough noise to successfully surpass their campaign goal.