Rono Kwong



2015 HK Top Outstanding Young Persons


Founder and Chairman

Best Video Limited

In 2008, Rono predicted that the budding high definition (HD) technology would revolutionize the video industry and create new opportunities for those willing to take a risk. With this insight, Rono established Best Video, one of the first companies in Hong Kong to incorporate HD content into corporate video production.

In the beginning Rono avoided the high risk of investing in digital equipment that would quickly become obsolete. Instead, he worked with freelance production teams and rented equipment to produce videos. Over the past decade, Best Video has grown from a one-person business to an all-round production house with its own permanent shooting crew, editing team and video equipment. Best Video is recognized around the world, having served more than 120 local and international corporations, institutions and governments. It has been recognized by myriad local and international awards including the Top 10 SME Customer Service Excellence Award and Best SME Cloud Adopters Award (Gold), and is the only production house to receive the HSBC Youth Business Award (Silver) in 2012 and be a seven-time consecutive winner of the globally recognized Questar Award.

Having overcome various challenges to become a leader in the video production industry, Rono is keen to share his experiences with the younger generation to help them save time and effort in their career paths. He has over 10 years of volunteer experience and is a frequent inspirational speaker at entrepreneurship events hosted by government bodies, NGOs and universities. In 2009, he founded the Lions Club of HK Sun to provide services to students, youths, the elderly and new immigrants. In 2015, he and over 150 young entrepreneurs established the Hong Kong General Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs—of which he is now the Chairman—in order to strengthen the local community of young entrepreneurs, advocate greater support for youth entrepreneurship, and promote greater business networks and opportunities for young entrepreneurs. 

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