Arthur Au




Hong Kong Raw Honey

Arthur had been working in the professional accounting field for more than 7 years, including working in one of the Big Four accounting firms. The birth of his daughter inspired him to resign from his position and set off to do something which he believes beneficial to the future generations.
As a vegetarian himself, he believes adopting a vegetarian lifestyle would not only make one healthier, but also reduce carbon footprints and be more environmental friendly. In Arthur’s original plan, he would open a vegetarian restaurant when he retired from his accounting profession, but the plan shifted much earlier. On the first stop of his entrepreneurship journey, he founded a vegetarian restaurant in Mong Kok called Veggie Family, aiming to rejuvenate vegetarian cuisine from old-style to fusion which would attract more young people to try it out. Throughout these years, Arthur successfully created a few well-known vegetarian brands including “Veggie Family”, "Veggi Monster", “The Veggie” and “Mirror & Vegan Concept”.

His next adventure began when he met another HKUST alumnus, Lancelot Shir from the School of Science. Lancelot is a local beekeeper, and when Arthur heard from him about the importance of bees to the eco-system and bio-diversity, he decided to join Lancleot and together they created the brand “Hong Kong Raw Honey”, which promotes urban bee-keeping in Hong Kong and raising awareness of environmental conservatism through bees. It also produces locally-made raw honey and promotes the joy of honey tasting, especially for honey lovers.
“There is certainly no stable life for an entrepreneur, but what makes me stick to this path is the satisfaction gained when you achieve something which is in line with your moral value, and creating goods for others around.” Arthur says. In the future, he hopes to develop “Hong Kong Raw Honey” as a well-known brand not only in Hong Kong, but also overseas, and to share with the world that Hong Kong can have high quality local produces.