Yuze Han



Managing Partner

NewMargin Ventures 

Based in Shanghai, Yuze is the Managing Partner of NewMargin Ventures, a leading venture capital management company in China. It supports China's emerging entrepreneurs in select industries, including broader IT, TMT, biological medicine, high-end manufacturing, energy conservation and environment protection, healthcare, mineral and nature resources, etc. NewMargin is the first venture capital management company in China to manage and advise both domestic and offshore funds. It manages more than 20 billion RMB, which includes a 500 million USD fund. And it has invested more than 200 companies, of which over 50 have gone public in domestic or international stock exchanges, 50 have gone on the new third board (new over-the-counter market).

Yuze is proud to be a HKUST alumnus, and has served as President of the HKUST EMBA Alumni Association since 2013. Under his leadership, the Alumni Association continues to tighten communications and enhance cohesion among alumni through a broad spectrum of programs, including setting up new branches in East China, North China, South China, specific in Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou; it also creates branches in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, organizing annual EMBA alumni forum and symposiums, supporting hiking club, golf club, sailing club, film club, investment and financing club activities; and more. Yuze is a strong advocate for the university: "I am impressed with the world class education I received in HKUST, where we had opportunities to interact with the best faculty and exchange ideas with the elite groups of classmates. This allows me to stay connected with the most updated management knowledge," he says.