Angus Luk








Together with fellow UST alumnus Sum Wong, Angus co-founded AppZolute, a company that helps customers design and develop web and mobile apps. It was a successful initiative which brought together a solid group of team members and funding.

The inspiration for their second company, EventXtra, came when they realized that despite living in a tech-savvy world, many events still relied heavily on manual labor to get things done. They then created EventXtra, which helps event organizers save time and money by applying mobile technology to labor-intensive tasks.

AppZolute and EventXtra are well-known in the industry, and Angus' expertise played a large role in their winning a number of Mob-Ex Awards. AppZolute was also a finalist in the 2013 Mobile Marketing Agency of the Year Awards.

Outside of work, Angus is keen to give back to the community and has participated in various social service initiatives, such as being a coach for a mentorship program between university students and underprivileged primary school students. He is also a strong supporter of his alma mater, having provided a registration platform through EventXtra for several HKUST events.