Terence Tsang



Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Mad Head Limited

In 2008, Terence and his elder brother Terry gave up their stable, high-paying jobs to start their own business. They started out with a website creating online greeting cards but encountered difficulty in generating profit from this endeavor. Then in 2010, the brothers managed to turn the company around by creating Facebook apps. They then decided to venture into the development and distribution of mobile games.

Their company, Madhead, launched "Tower of Saviors神魔之塔" which became one of the most popular mobile games in Hong Kong and Taiwan shortly after it launched in January 2013. To date, Tower of Saviors has attracted over 16 million downloads from around the world. It has offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan with over 120 employees altogether.

The brothers are staunch supporters of HKUST, having made a matching contribution of HK $1 million to the Alumni Endowment Fund several years ago. More recently, they have made a generous donation of HK$2 million to establish the AEF Student Emergency Fund, bringing their cumulative donations to HK$3 million. The fund provides financial assistance for students facing unforeseen financial emergencies and catastrophic events that may disrupt their education. Their strong devotion to help students in financial emergencies dates back to their university days when their father, the sole bread winner of the family, passed away while they were studying for their bachelor degrees. Thanks to the emergency fund of the Student Affairs Office, their family was able to make it through this period of financial hardship, and this has always reminded Terry and Terence of the importance in lending a helping hand to students in need.

Over the years, the brothers have also been actively supporting entrepreneurship-related programs at the Univerity, such as providing summer intern opportunities to students through HeadStart Fellow program, sponsoring hackUST 2016 and sharing their valuable start-up experience with the alumni community in a number of seminars and panels.