John Pang




Lingsik King 

John grew up watching his father run a small family-owned grocery store. Aside from being very familiar with the ins and outs of the business, he also sees the importance of traditional stores in building a sense of community in their neighborhood. When he saw the recent trend of local Hong Kong snack shops closing down one by one and being replaced by chain stores, he decided to help preserve the city's local flavors by opening his own online snack shop, Lingsik King.

To compete with larger and more established snack distributors, John continuously comes up with new ideas to appeal to the public. Other than selling local and traditional treats, Lingsik King offers Korean and Japanese sweets that are not available locally. It is developing its own brand of traditional dried fruit and nuts as well. Aside from online channels, distributors and retailers are eager to resell the passionate Lingsik King branded snacks at their retail shops as well. Another attractive option is a delivery service to business addresses for purchases of HKD 300 or more, which is very popular with office ladies. Lingsik King also caters to corporate clients by preparing gift boxes for use at office parties.

Although managing his own business takes up most of his time and energy, John still supports his alma mater as a dedicated volunteer. He currently serves as VP and Chairman of the HKUST Alumni Association Young Alumni Team, and makes time in his busy schedule to attend as many alumni events as he can.

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Wen Wei Po - August 2, 2016