Huajun Peng



Founder and CEO

Shenzhen NED Optics Co. Ltd

In the decade plus since graduating from HKUST, Huajun has immersed himself in the world of display technology. His work spans from television color management and AMOLED production to the design and manufacturing of microchips, and projector and near-field optics. What’s more, Huajun has authored 20 journal articles and holds a total of 25 patents (eight in the United States and seventeen in China).

A serial entrepreneur, Huajun's track record in transforming his research to commercial success is nothing short of tremendous. The global VR hit, GOOVIS, is made by Shenzhen NED Optics, which was founded by Huajun in 2015. GOOVIS provides an immersive, glasses-free and cinema like experience with extra eye-care functions and is the first VR headset to receive Germany’s TUV Rheinland certification for providing a comfortable low blue-light viewing environment. GOOVIS currently tops bestseller charts for VR headset on both and Alibaba’s TMall in China, and has found its way to satisfied customers in 60 countries, including throughout Europe, America, Japan and Australia. GOOVIS scooped up the German iF Design Award in 2018 and the Chinese Red Star Award in 2020.

For Huajun, seeing his research and inventions attain market results is extraordinarily gratifying. “Receiving acclaim for a product that started off as an idea in my head, nothing tops that,” he says. Like any business founder, the HKUST graduate has encountered his share of obstacles; Huajun credits his ability to overcome these challenges to his meticulous planning and healthy ability to cope with life’s curve balls. Interestingly, he doesn’t see entrepreneurship as an adventure—it’s more about executing plans with precision and getting himself deeply involved in the business. Huajun adds, “My pursuit of professional knowledge cannot be separated from the training I underwent at HKUST.” Through expanding his spheres of knowledge, Huajun’s ability to anticipate market trends improves; this in turn allows him to manage his business risks better. “I can’t thank HKUST enough for also teaching me the values of optimism and resiliency.” Two traits any aspiring entrepreneur must possess, surely.

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