Dolphin Yip





Visual Artist & Founder 

Art of Dove


HKUST graduates have achieved immense success as entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and business executives for more than two decades. HKUST prides itself for educating its students in their totality, not just as young people going through a rite of passage on their way to earn a living, but as persons that thrive in our community. Dolphin Yip is an alum who embodies these values.

The spirited mind behind the pioneering Art of Dove (A.O.D.) Meditative Art Studio, Dolphin exudes charisma and it's impossible not to be inspired by her zest for life. She is a successful mother and an artist who pushes beyond conventions.

None of this is by accident or a foregone conclusion. Born with a congenital hip problem, Dolphin was told by doctors she would eventually end up in a wheelchair. Despite the continuous pain she was subjected to, Dolphin completed two degrees at HKUST (a BBA in Marketing and a MA in Social Sciences).

This all changed during her late 20s when she began new spiritual practices and mindfulness. By age 35, the chronic pain was healed and she was not bothered by the hip problem anymore, and Dolphin directed her energy into the creation of a new art studio, A.O.D. There, Dolphin leads sessions and workshops in SoulPainting, a meditative technique she founded.

This is what she has to say about her work: "…art is not limited to the end-product but the whole process starting from the moment we breathe with our intention and touch our deepest feelings at heart. More precisely, every painting is an Inner Journey of the Artist, an Adventure for the Audience and a Calming Portal for a Space." Dolphin's statement encapsulates how she lives, her "Code of Ethics" in its purest form. 

Hundreds of locals and foreigners alike have experienced inner peace and their passion for life rejuvenated after attending Dolphin's workshops. The talents and commitment of HKUST graduates positively impact society in a myriad number of ways; as Dolphin has proven, this most certainly includes effectively deploying meditative practices and art in a creative manner.