Eric Yung





Founder and CEO

Playnote Limited

Eric is an expert in technology, music and law who has founded different IT startups. He is a firm believer in the power of music education to enrich individuals and in 2011 established his second company, Playnote, which incorporates music education with information technology. The company's flagship product is a music education app called AURALBOOK that helps music students learn the aural skills required of music examinations. Playnote has won numerous local and regional awards, such as being named the Grand Award Winner for Best Startup Award of the Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Alliance Award and the Grand Award Winner of the Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology Award.
A role model for young entrepreneurs, Eric frequently speaks and writes on entrepreneurship, technology, education and music. He has been a guest lecturer in entrepreneurship at various universities and is also a professional musician who has participated in various public international performances as a pianist, artistic opera tenor or orchestra conductor.
Despite his busy schedule, Eric has developed strong ties with his alma mater. He is Founding President of the HKUST Electrical and Electronic Engineering Alumni Association (Currently renamed as Electronic and Computer Engineering Alumni Association), Founding Member of the HKUST Alumni Association's Entrepreneur Circle, and past President of the HKUST MBA Alumni Association. Currently he works with MBA/MSc Career and Professional Development of the HKUST Business School for entrepreneurship education and is a columnist for the HKUST MBA Column in the Hong Kong Economic Journal.