Albert Au




A self-made entrepreneur, Albert's passion for e-Health and HealthTech was sparked during his Final Year Project at HKUST, when he developed a management system for a clinic. After graduating, he worked as a Healthcare Solutions Specialist at IBM China / Hong Kong before taking the leap to start his own business venture, HealthBasic, in 1999. The company came to be the number one healthcare portal in Hong Kong and the number two clinic solutions software provider for over 200 private clinics. HealthBasic was acquired by Quality Healthcare and eHealthcareAsia, a Hong Kong-listed company, in 2001.

Albert then went on to start his second business venture, a HealthTech company called acesobee. The idea for acesobee came to Albert when he and his family members experienced difficulties in managing his grandmother's health care. Staying on top of the latest medication or clinic appointments through WhatsApp lacked efficiency and was challenging even for his family—which included two doctors, two nurses and a pharmacist—to keep up. An idea then struck him: why not develop a system that would enable patients to access their own medical information from hospitals and clinics, and which would allow family members to better understand the patient's current medical status and provide better care? This idea led to the creation of the company's flagship product, TeamCare, a mobile Personal Care Plan (PCP) system transformed from the bedside nursing care plan used in hospitals, which consolidates care plan and treatment instructions to allow both caregivers and caretakers to share, follow and advise the patient's caring status and planning.

Additional to acesobee, Albert is very supportive in social innovation development and entrepreneurship. He is a part time lecturer of HKU Space and visiting lecturer for Hong Kong Polytechnic University for entrepreneurship. He also found a social good focus digital marketing agency Implifier (Impact + Amplifier) for content marketing and training support for medium and small scale impact projects and organizations.

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