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Terence Pang Photography

Upon graduation, Terence found a job in IT and spent a decade in the industry before giving up his career to focus on his childhood passion of photography. He found that wedding photography was a good starting point because of the way the business is structured, with a deposit being paid in advance of the wedding. Today, the profile of Terence's business has changed. Only about half of his current work is on weddings, with a focus on overseas destination shots, and he is doing more commercial work on photography tutoring and photojournalism.

Terence's portfolio is diverse, ranging from the wedding photography of Chinese Olympic gymnasts Yang Yun and Yang Wei, to a book for the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, to publishing his own book Oh! Shoot! with eleven other photographers. He has also won numerous international photography awards for his work over the years, as well as staged exhibitions.

His advice for alumni and students who are considering chasing their dreams is that they must have a passion for what they want to do, and to do what they love. "I always recall a script from 3 Idiots saying 'pursue excellence, and success will follow.' I also like Steve Jobs' famous quote 'stay hungry, stay foolish.' That is also about being passionate, and about accepting that things change. You need to be open minded. Knowledge from today may not be correct tomorrow," he says.

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