Ryan Yeung




When his father entered the next phase of his life, retirement, Ryan – who at that time had been a civil servant for six years – decided to do something to help his father make the most of his time and energy.

To accomplish this, in March 2014 Ryan partnered with two friends to set-up a social enterprise,, an online platform geared towards 45-70 year olds that offers work, activity and health information to users. The start-up's vision is to empower retirees or soon-to-be-retirees to lead an enjoyable, meaningful and healthy retirement life. For those who are still healthy and willing to work, Happy-Retired also serves as a job matching platform for employers to connect with them and make use of their vast knowledge and experience.

Within half a year after its establishment, Happy-Retired was admitted to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park's Incubation Program, and with support from the program, Ryan and his team won The Best Start-up Award in the Hong Kong ICT Awards and The Social & Technology Award in the E2-Entrepreneur Square Day sponsored by the Government SIE Fund in 2015. It received financial investment from an impact investor SOW (Asia) Foundation in 2018. 

They are the first O2O platform for those aged 45 and above, with CSR proejct clients ranging from Pfizer, Merck, AstraZeneca, and Fidelity, Hong Kong Mortgage Corp, to SONY and CSL. Happy-Retired has been reported on by more than 50 media and has over 50,000 users to date, with more members joining each day. 

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Ming Pao - August 1, 2018