Claudia Sin




Team Lead

Ever since her childhood, Claudia had expected to take over her family's business one day. The business eventually discontinued but Claudia did not let that deter her entrepreneurial dreams. Instead, she paired her love for coding and computers with her love of shopping to co-found a social shopping platform—ShopLovers—with two friends.

The team of three believes in the power of united shoppers and saw that shoppers are always unable to find the deals they enjoy. In order to empower them, the trio created a platform for consumers to initiate the deals they want.

Claudia's entrepreneurial journey started out full of challenges. She was initially responsible for product management, and she recalls how she encountered new problems every day with their technology and business model, and was wondering if this would work. Despite her doubts, she continued fixing whatever issues she encountered and today, ShopLovers has over 17,000 community members, has a $USD 100,000 ShopGether turnover, was one of the top 10 start-ups in Google's Empowering Young Entrepreneurs Program (EYE Program) in 2015, was one of the top 10 international start-up teams admitted to Swire Properties' Blueprint Accelerator Program (cohort 3), and is currently incubated by Cyberport. Claudia and her team are now looking to bring their business model and love for shopping to Taiwan, Singapore and US markets in the near future.