David Xiao



Founder and CEO

Advanced Photoelectronic Technology Ltd.

David's motto is "science and technology can change the world." In 2003, he started his own business in LED chips with the support of HKUST's Entrepreneurship Program. His company, Advanced Photoelectronic Technology Ltd. (APT), is now a leader in LED chips in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Sharing HKUST's spirit of innovation and pursuit of excellence, APT re-invests most of its revenue in R&D to increase the company's competitive edge. In 2006 a subsidiary of the company, APT Electronics Ltd. (APTE) was established in Nansha, China. 

David is thankful for the support and resources provided by HKUST when he first established his business. "With its culture of entrepreneurship, HKUST provides plenty of resources to faculty members, students and alumni to found their own companies. Its Entrepreneurship Program, Entrepreneurship Center and incubators prepared us for a smooth transition from academic and research and development (R&D) to industrialized enterprises. This enabled us to develop our seedling technologies to achieve mass production," he says. 

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Hong Kong Commercial Daily - March 9, 2017