• Donald P. Jacobs KH Alumni Awards

Message from Prof Steven DeKrey,  Kellogg-HKUST EMBA Program Founding Director


Precious interview footage with Dean Emeritus Don Jacobs in Hong Kong

A Celebration of the life of Dean Emeritus Don Jacobs 

Twenty years ago, one man’s vision revolutionized the world of executive business education. Thanks to this man, the late Dean Emeritus Don Jacobs—founder of the Kellogg EMBA global network—the joint EMBA program between Kellogg and HKUST was formed in 1998 and grew quickly to become the No.1 Executive MBA program in the world. 

Although Dean Jacobs is no longer with us, the lives that he touched and the institution that he built will be remembered far beyond him. The Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program is at the forefront of business education, empowering over 900 thinkers and doers to create lasting and positive change that enhances the lives of our communities and our world. The program’s success would not be possible without the support of you, our alumni, and we hope that you will continue to help us carry out Dean Jacobs’ legacy by donating generously to the Donald P. Jacobs KH Alumni Awards.

The funds from the Awards will be used to strengthen the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program by attracting more quality candidates and diversify our enrolment. As an added incentive, KH04 alumnus Ming Mei has pledged to match all donations up to US$1 million, which means that any gift you make will have double the impact.  

"I owe a great deal to the Kellogg HKUST EMBA program. Not only did I get a great education but I was lucky to have met and later worked with Dean Jacobs over the last 15 years, he was both a teacher and a mentor to me. I was always amazed at how humble he remained, despite the success and achievements he accomplished in his life. When Steve called me about participating in setting up a Scholarship/Award fund to commemorate Don Jacobs and help the program I agreed to it immediately. The fund will be a great way to memorialize Don, himself a very giving person."  -- Ming Mei, KH04

We will announce the fundraising results at the 20th anniversary celebration dinner on July 7th. At that time we will also announce the total gifts from each of the 20 classes, including the largest gift as well as the highest participation rate. Please donate now! If you have any inquiries, please contact the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Office at 2358-4180. If you are considering a significant gift and want to discuss recognition options, please contact:

Professor Steven J. DEKREY
Associate Dean, HKUST Business School and Founding Director, Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program
Email: sjdekrey@ust.hk

Miss Judy Au
Program Director, Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA Program
Email: judy.au@ust.hk

Thank you for your support!

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Class Donors
KH01 Ms Carrina Chan, Mr Lyndon Chao, Mr Domingo Chen, Mr Robin Cheung, Ms Rachel Chiang, Mr Vincent Chui, Mr Mark Hayman, Mr Daniel Heyler, Ms Amy Ho, Ms Kersti Krepp, Ms Alice Mong, Mr Johnny Wong
KH02 Ms Rachel Cheung, Ms Lucy Chow, Mr Hoang-vinh Nguyen, Ms Rebekah Pang, Mr Winston Siu, Mr Yuka Yeung, Mr Charles Yip, Ms Cammy Yiu
KH03 Mr Joseph R. Cavatoni, Mr Mario Da Cunha Miranda, Mr Dean Glover, Mr Robin Joffe, Mr Charles Ng, Mr Hon-pia Suen (In memory), Mr Michael Urquhart, Mr Barry Sutch, Mr Sung-sik Yang
KH04 Mr Eddy Chan, Mr Gary Chan, Ms Estella Chiu, Mr David O. Chua, Ms Maureen Kwok, Mr Brutus Lo, Mr Ming Z. Mei, Mr Malcolm Sullivan, Dr Dekai Wu
KH05 Mr Victor Herrero, Mr Alexander Shlaen
KH06 Ms Betty Lin, Mr Thomas Liu, Mr Harold Mandel, Mr Peter Reichenbach, Mr Frank Shou
KH07 Mr Hakan Bulgurlu, Mr Gregory Gilligan, Mr Akihiko Katayama, Mr Mark Knief, Mr Lucas Leung, Ms Samantha Suen
KH08 Mr Ferdinand Cheuk, Ms Peggy Liu, Mr Raymond Ngai, Ms Dora Tong, Mr Lawrence Yen
KH09 Mr Louis Chan, Ms Nancy Lee, Mr Mike Oyson, Mr Benson Perelonia
KH10 Mr Jerry Chang, Mr Bobby Chen, Mr Clarence Chung, Ms Angela Dong, Ms Wendy Gan, Mr Terence Kam, Mr Peter Tsang, Mr Michael Yong-Haron
KH11 Mr Brian Brenner, Ms Christine Cheung, Mr NiQ Lai, Mr Deepak Lala, Mr Ricky Lau, Ms Ada Ng, Mr John O'Brien, Mr Chee Wee Teo, Ms Linda Wang
KH12 Mr Tomi Erkkila, Mr Glenn Fassett, Mr Benjamin Lai, Dr Jack Lau, Mr Nigel Lee, Mr Phil Lee, Mr Dominic Pang, Ms Renate Tietjen, Mr Michael Yip
KH13 Mr Stephen Au, Mr Michael Cheung, Mr Butch Darrow, Mr David Day, Mr Tim Fitzpatrick, Mr Michael Gault, Mr Alex Hurd, Mr Ivan Lam, Mr Edwin Lee, Ms Gigi Mantaring, Mr Suny Mou, Mr Mahbub Rahman, Mr Ray Roessel, Mr Dwi Suseno, Mr Prab Thakral, Mr Terrence Tsang
KH14 Mr Aram Akpoyan, Mr Paramesh Prasad, Mr Sheldon Xie, Mr Yasuo Yamada
KH15 Mr Daniel Shih
KH16 Mr Andy Fok, Mr Michael Huang, Mr Takutaro Onoe, Mr Michael Wong
KH17 Mr Ian Bell, Mr Allen Wong
KH18 Mr Raymond Lau, Mr Takashi Sugihara
KH19 Mr Abdullo Akhadov, Mr Nao Kakitani, Mr Ilnar Mirsiapov, Ms Elsa Wong
KH20 Mr Joe Cheung, Mr Raphael Ho, Mr Akitaka Yagi, Mr Michael Yue, and KH20 Class Gift (US$30,000)
KH21 Mr Ramsey Changoo, Mr Juan Gabarron, Mr Zhou Huang, Mr Desmond Huey, Mr Alvan Kwok, Ms Lisa Lau, Mr Lei Jin, Ms Shiu Yi Lin, Mr John Natividad, Mr Robert Phillips, Mr Daniel Suen, Mr Yusuf Sujono, Mr Ethan Sun, Ms Claire Tang, Ms Wing Xiao, Mr Kevin Ye, Mr John Yoo, Mr Dong Zhao
Kellogg Alumni Prof Cassian Cheung, Mr Marc Landsberg
Family and Friends Dr Sally Blount, Prof KC Chan, Prof Sunil Chopra, Prof Steven J DeKrey and Mrs Veronica DeKrey, Mr Sterling Franklin, Prof Larry Franklin and Mrs Mei Kwong Franklin, Prof Vidhan Goyal, Prof Roger King, Mrs Annie Jacobs Kolb, Mr David Jacobs, Mrs Lessah Jacobs-Givot, Prof Dipak Jain, Prof. Harry Kraemer, Prof. Lakshman Krishnamurthi, Prof Angela Lee, Dr David Li K P, Prof Loran Nordgren, Prof Milind Rao and Mrs Hsin-Ying Rao, Prof Brett Saraniti, Prof Jaideep Sengupta, Mr Vidhan Goyal


USD $100 or above

Participant, Pin

USD $1,000 or above 

Supporter, Recognized on Plaque

USD $2,500 or above

Patron, Name on KH Classroom Chair

USD $10,000 or above

Sponsor, Special recognition at 20th anniversary dinner

USD $25,000 or above

Benefactor, Personal plaque

US $1 million or above

Founding Sponsor


Name KH Classroom in honor of Donald P. Jacobs