The Start of Something Big! You Can Make a Difference!

The creation of the Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF) is a very exciting development in the history of HKUST, as it is our first-ever endowment fund to receive donations mainly from alumni. We hope that you will play a key role in this splendid initiative.

The principle (Donations) is maintained in perpetuity and only the income from investments is used. AEF provides a reliable and continuous source of funding to support a variety of initiatives of the highest priority so as to enrich students’ university life. The finance committee of the HKUST Council, the supreme governing body of the University, will oversee the investment activities of the AEF. The HKUST President and the Vice-Presidents will make decisions regarding its usage according to the strategic needs of the University. For example, income can be awarded to students experiencing financial difficulties to enable them to participate in initiatives such as exchange-out programs, international competitions and so on.

Institutions such as Harvard and MIT have sizable endowment funds that were started many years ago. As ours has only just been implemented, it is of course relatively small. However, our AEF will grow gradually as our alumni population increases. In 10 to 20 years’ time it will become a significant resource for the University and our students.

Since its launch in 2012, thanks to the keen support of our alumni, the fund has grown impressively. Participation in giving at any level is gratefully appreciated by everyone at HKUST, so that more students can benefit from AEF, we encourage more alumni to support this initiative. A number of naming opportunities are available in appreciation of alumni’s generous donations.


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