Su Wu



Brilliant Concept International Group

Founder and Chairman

Hang Fun Capital


A piano prodigy in elementary school and later a member of his university's chorus group, Su seemed destined for a career in performing arts. So it was a shock to those who knew him that, after graduating from his undergraduate program at Tianjin University, he went on to pursue post-graduate studies in engineering in Hong Kong. 

While studying for his Masters at HKUST, Su was a social butterfly, often engaging with his professors outside of class. One of them had a profound impact on him: Professor Chia-Wei Woo, Founding President of HKUST, who shared inspiring stories of the trials and tribulations of the University's founding with Su and imprinted on him the importance of the development of science and technology in Hong Kong. 

After graduating from HKUST, Su surprised everyone yet again when he joined the Emperor Financial Services Group as an analyst. "I wanted to learn from the world's financial center. This knowledge, coupled with my familiarity with China, my management skills and my market sense, would give me a unique competitive edge if I were to return to China one day," recalls Su. 

This soon came to happen: when the Internet of Things (IOT) wave hit China at the end of 2010, Su saw an opportunity and set off to Wuxi with an HKUST classmate to start up their own business. Despite being in an unfamiliar city, Su's vision and leadership enabled their small tech company Luckywin IOT Industry to flourish, growing quickly into a large conglomerate involved in real estate, investment and technology. Su took up the position of Group Executive Director in 2011, during which time he was involved in the decision-making and implementation of major industry cooperation and capital operation projects including: co-establishment of an IOT Platform based on a smart gas meter with China Resources Group as well as street lamps and an intelligent control system in Wuxi; the creation of the Asia-Pacific Emerging Industry Fund with a partner from Taiwan; and the construction of the first IOT Plaza outside Wuxi high-speed railway station.

Due to family reasons, in 2013 Su returned to Hong Kong and took up the position of CEO at Brilliant Concept International Group, a member of the HKUST Entrepreneurship Center. Su works tirelessly to raise Hong Kong's industrial competitiveness, nurture the city's technological developments, and cultivate HKUST's independent technological developments. He set up investment companies which supported start-ups with ties to HKUST, including alumni-founded Zhuhai Yunzhou Intelligence Technology Ltd. which holds more than 95% of the Chinese unmanned boat market share.

Su has been highly supportive of his alma mater's research and development initiatives. One of his companies partnered with the HKUST Fok Ying Tung Research Institute to establish a research center led by Chair Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Christopher Chao. Most recently, Su joined the 2016 HKUST One Million Dollar Competition's judging panel—he was the youngest member there—and helped to mentor three of the top teams. "Seeing everyone's innovative spirit makes me want to go back to developing my own start-up," Su says. "Perhaps one day we will all meet again as fellow entrepreneurs!"

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