Michael Huen



Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences

The University of Hong Kong 

Michael originally had not considered pursuing a career in science, but his Final Year Project with Professors Jeffrey Wong and Hannah Hong Xue in the last year of his undergraduate studies greatly changed his mindset. He was hooked once he experienced the joy of working hard to come up with new discoveries every day, and went on to complete his MPhil and PhD studies at HKUST and The University of Hong Kong respectively before going to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA for his postdoctoral training. Michael stayed at Mayo Clinic for six months before following his mentor to Yale University, where he remained for the next three years.

In 2009, Michael returned to Hong Kong to continue his academic career at The University of Hong Kong where he is now an Associate Professor in the School of Biomedical Sciences. Michael's lab – the Huen Laboratory – focuses on understanding how cells detect and respond to DNA damage. His favorite part of research is the discoveries that he makes every day, and he and his team are constantly hard at work to identify the proteins that preserve and repair damaged DNA based on the rationale that many of these proteins are aberrantly expressed or mutated in cancers and other genetic diseases.

Outside of his teaching and research, Michael also peer reviews manuscripts and research grant applications, and is an academic editor for PlosONE Journal. In recognition of his dedication and contributions, he was awarded the Early Career Award 2012-13 by the Research Grants Council and the Outstanding Young Researcher Award 2014-15 by The University of Hong Kong.

Michael recalls his time at HKUST fondly. "It was where I realized what I am passionate about in life. I was very fortunate to be mentored by Prof. Jeffrey Wong and Prof. Hannah Hong Xue, who were both very supportive and motivating. It was also during this time that I made many good friends, the majority of whom I am still in touch with," he says.

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