Andy Chow

MPhil (CIVL)


Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Department of Civil, Geomatic, and Environmental Engineering
University College London (UCL)

Andy is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in transport systems at University College London (UCL), UK. He did his undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering (major) and Mathematics (minor) at HKUST, and obtained his doctoral degree in London in 2007. His doctoral dissertation on optimisation of dynamic network systems won him a Gordon Newell Memorial Dissertation Prize in 2008. Before returning to London in 2010, Andy spent some wonderful years in San Francisco Bay Area as a postdoc at University of California Berkeley where he was involved in a number of Intelligent Transport Systems projects funded by California and Federal governments under the California PATH program. Now a faculty member at UCL, Andy is working with a number of national and international organisations including Transport for London, Network Rail (UK), and MTR on improving efficiency and resilience of urban transport systems with innovative data and information collection techniques.  

Motivated by job opportunities and personal interest in mathematics, Andy originally did plan to be an engineer while he had never imagined pursuing an academic career. Influenced by his mentors and the active research atmosphere at HKUST, he decided to give academia a try. He is particularly grateful to Professor Hong K Lo who broadened his horizon and introduced him to world-class scientific research. To him, an academic career is fun because it involves creativity, free thinking, and interaction with colleagues and students from different parts of the world (and not to forget the opportunities to travel and learn around the world!) – and academia is definitely not a boring “cookie-cutter” job. Now a professor himself, Andy appreciates the opportunities and passes the spirit on to the next generation. 

A proud former member of the HKUST Rowing Team (when he spent more time on the Shing Mun River than in the classroom!), Andy has been keeping in touch with his former teammates as well as the UST community throughout the years.

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