Ben Chan





Assistant Professor of Engineering Education and Associate Director, Center for Engineering Education Innovation


Cheaper, lighter and stronger…these are the irresistible properties of a new aluminum composite developed by a team led by Ben, Assistant Professor of Engineering Education and Associate Director of the Center for Engineering Education Innovation at HKUST. This new material, called Fiber Reinforced Aluminum (FRA), has been developed with support from UC RUSAL, a leading global aluminum producer from Russia.

Thanks to its relative lightness, strength, corrosion resistance and cost, the applications for FRA are numerous, and include electronic products, automobiles, aircraft, and construction materials. As part of their project, Ben and his team are using FRA to produce a greener building envelope system. The prototype has been built and they are testing its mechanical properties and energy efficiency, with encouraging results.

Ben confesses that although he always liked carrying out research, originally he did not even consider doing a PhD. However, the HKUST faculty encouraged him and helped him with advice and connecting with the industry. Now a member of the HKUST faculty himself, Ben appreciates the opportunities to encourage engineering students, especially in first year, as he himself had enjoyed the benefits of mentoring at HKUST when he was a student.

Recently, Ben was awarded an Honorary Mention for the 2016 Common Core Teaching Excellence Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the common core courses at HKUST.

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