Freddy Lam



First Officer

Dragon Airlines Limited

Freddy is a First Officer with Hong Kong Dragon Airlines (Dragonair) where he operates A330 Airbus aircraft. He was inspired to embark on this career path by a roommate at HKUST who was determined to become a pilot. "He was very keen and he was always playing on a flight simulator. I was intrigued as to what was so interesting about it," Freddy recalled. To fund his dream, Freddy worked in the HKUST student accommodation office where he earned enough to learn how to fly.

As a "manager in the air" while he is in the cockpit, Freddy credits his business management studies at HKUST for providing him with the skills to excel in his role. The companionship of other students with similar interests was also a boost to Freddy. "I lived in a hall where a few of us wanted to be pilots, so we formed a study group and shared information and that helped a lot," he says.

Freddy is married to fellow HKUST alumna and Dragonair First Officer Claudia Sin. Despite both being HKUST alumni, the couple met not on campus but rather at a flight training school in Adelaide where Freddy was on Dragonair's cadet pilot course and Claudia was taking her Private Pilot License.

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