Lell Luk


Aquarium Operation Manager
(Marine Exhibits)
Ocean Park

Lell spends his days amongst his beloved marine life as the Aquarium Operation Manager (Marine Exhibits) and an experienced aquarist and veteran diver at Ocean Park. He explains that enthusiasm and devotion are prerequisites to being an aquarist: "We are used to putting relentless effort and extra time in taking care of the fish. Only by working with your heart and soul can you enjoy and be qualified for this job." This is part of his job duties to visit aquariums around the world from time to time and source for different species for Ocean Park.

Lell is grateful to HKUST for nurturing and shaping his character and future prospects. "I had been reticent and shy since childhood. It was not until Year Two after I participated in more extracurricular activities such as the Dragon Boat Club and Drama Club that I became more proactive and communicative. This experience has exerted great influence on my personal growth," he says.

His love for dragon boat and affection for HKUST continued on after graduation, and he founded the HKUST Alumni Dragon Boat Club along with his dragon boat buddies. Apart from winning a number of open local competitions, the team also participates in international races, including the Okinawa Dragon Boat Festival. "It was a fascinating, fruitful and unforgettable experience for everyone," recalls Lell.



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