Keith Ng





Executive Director
Santander Asia

Keith is a graduate from the HKUST BBA program (Finance & Information Systems). He has rather mixed experience throughout his career – having worked in areas of corporate strategy, bank transformation, management consulting, technology consulting and tech venture, and location-wise – in Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Beijing and Shanghai.

The story began in 2006 when he graduated from HKUST, and decided to begin his career in technology (vs finance). It was a difficult decision back then as the Tech sector was nothing like how it is today. Upon advice from senior colleagues, he went to London School of Economics for a master's degree (MSc in Accounting and Finance) to make his way into finance/consulting. 

However, those were the years of financial crisis. He tried many different opportunities, but to make a long story short, he eventually dedicated himself to Santander, an international bank originating from Spain. Since then he has been helping the group's strategic expansion in Asia.

He worked for 3 years in Spain, and 3 years in Beijing, then Shanghai for the most recent 3 years, and along the way he helped the bank make several strategic investments in China. Return has been decent, and currently he is leading the strategy and corporate development initiatives for Santander Group in China. 

Outside of work, Keith is an advocate of FinTech ventures, participating in accelerator programs as mentor. He is also a strong supporter of his alma mater, having assisted fellow alumni and students in all kinds of life/career matters outside of Hong Kong. 

Last but not least, he is a loving father, with a lovely wife met in HKUST.



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