Jessica Ho



DJ and Assistant Director of 903
Commercial Radio


Travel Program Host


Travel Book Author

Jessica Ho, with professional name Tse Sai Ka 謝茜嘉, is a highly regarded DJ with Commercial Radio, with many years of experience behind her and big followings for her respective popular programs - the weekday show 903music 叱咤樂壇 , along with d-eScape 西加航空 on Saturdays . 

She is also assistant director of 903 at the radio station, responsible for coordination and liaison behind the scenes, and is an avid traveler who has published several travel books, has hosted a number of TV programs featuring countries including Fuji, Tukey, Inner Mongolia and India, has a travel app, and used to own a bed & breakfast (B&B) business in Taiwan.

She began her working life in a pharmaceutical company – until a DJ competition tweaked her interest and she unexpectedly won! Her career path changed at that point, but that does not minimize the impact of attending HKUST. 

 "HKUST is well known for its science programs and I am proud to be a science alumna. One of the aspects I really appreciated was the program of minor subjects; I took topics such as cultural studies and logical thinking – and got better grades than in my major!" says Jessica.

"The three years I spent at the University totally changed me. I was shy and quiet, but living in the dormitory there were many chances to communicate with others. The boys and girls who lived on two floors would cook together, and we always gossiped about what was happening on campus. Now, when I reflect on why I love traveling so much, I would say it's because I very much enjoyed my life in the dormitory. And this is why I owned a B&B in Taiwan – it is like a dormitory for travelers."

She also appreciates the connections she made through her tertiary education. "The classes were smaller in those days and so everybody was very close to each other. Now when I meet someone who also graduated from HKUST, I feel closer to them because we have that connection."

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